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DIASTASI S.A. is a construction company seated in Thessaloniki it was established in 1985 and it is active in Greece, Balkans and United Kingdom in the sectors of construction and real estate development. Furthermore, DIASTASI S.A. offers properties in prime locations for retail franchises.

DIASTASI S.A. is also active in
Serbia through its subsidiary DIASTASI CONSTRUCTION d.o.o., in Montenegro through DIASTASI TECHNICAL D.S.D. (Branch of Diastasi S.A. Greece) and also in United Kingdom with DIA.GRAM CONSTRUCTIONS Ltd.

More subsidiaries are in the founding process in other Balkan countries.

Qualities that make a difference


We employ professional experts equivalent to the executive experts of its clients aiming at the highest level of cooperation with them.


In collaboration with big enterprises that have branches all over Greece, DIASTASI S.A. has accomplished numerous construction projects almost in every Greek prefecture.


We are continually improving management by implementing all procedures determined by ISO 9001:2000 certification and keep upgrading the quality standards of our services.


We have long experience in constructing private projects of high quality expectations, within strict timetables and at competitive cost.


We have long experience in the construction of electromechanical projects and therefore are in position to organise and supervise even the most demanding construction projects at all stages.


Through our subsidiaries, we are in position to support the investments of our clients in Balkan countries.

Trusted by leading companies

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We work with major enterprises in the following sectors




Catering Services


Petroleum Products

Public Services

Recreational Services

A standing policy of DIASTASI SA is to execute projects undertaken in a manner that fully complies with our contractual obligations and to fully meet quality specifications agreed upon, while always observing our specified time schedule.

Our motto is to realize what we have committed ourselves to completing within the time period promised.

In order to apply this policy, the company uses state of the art equipment, leased to meet the needs of each project, and it is dedicated to investing all necessary financial resources to this end.

In order for projects to be executed to quality standards within the time schedule agreed upon, the Company pays special attention to methodical planning of its activities.

Direct and continuous communication with our clients, measuring their level of satisfaction and promptly and effectively responding to any complaints that might arise is standard company policy.

Quality Policy

We believe that all the above are to a great extent dependent on the quality of our human force; that is why the company places special emphasis on the right assessment and continuous training and safety of its personnel sparing no necessary resources to this effect. The company’s personnel comprise professionals with excellent academic and technical qualifications and relevant experience; this is an important contributing factor to our success.

Within the context of this Quality Policy, the Management defines and seeks the achievement of specific Quality targets aiming at:

  • Continuous improvement of products-services provided to clientele
  • Fewer complaints expressed by clients
  • Improvement of clients’ satisfaction.

Quantification of such targets, including the time factor, and evaluation of results are determined and monitored through regular revisions using the Quality Management System.

Corporate Social Responsibility is hard to define and even harder to apply in action in a consistent and reliable manner. According to the European Commission’s Green Book, a corporation is socially responsible when it takes into consideration social and ecological issues in its business activities and transactions with other interested parties on a voluntary basis.

A corporation is socially responsible when it gives priority to the principles of entrepreneurial ethics principles, when it considers itself as part of a broader business community, showing concern for environmental conservation and sustainable development, human rights and, therefore, quality of its employees’ everyday life, transparency and safety/security issues in all of its fundamental practices.

It is not coincidental that the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has been introduced into the international business terminology in recent years. Its importance is confirmed by the fact that it has developed into one of the most demanding sectors of activity for contemporary enterprises.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the mirror reflecting the manner a company conducts itself and how aware it is of its influence on society in general.

In this context, DIASTASI S.A. with the Corporate Social Responsibility actions it undertakes, makes an effort to respond to the complex and particularly demanding environment of the 21st century, to establish new communication channels with its local community and, ultimately, to contribute towards the economic and cultural development of the country.