Technical company DIASTASI S.A. has completed the SPRIDER STORES situated in Ermou Street in Athens, which was completely destroyed during the civil unrest in December 2008. The building housing the stores is building which extends in four floors with total surface of 2.500 m2. The internal architectural design and decorations was done by the Technical Office Kladis Kleanthis – Grigoriadis Vassileios while the lighting study was done by the company L+DG Lighting Architects. The restoration works lasted three months, covering the building structural reinforcement, internal and external building facial restoration, reinstatement of the column, marble capital, new floor coverings, reconstruction of the arcade roof, insulations, elevators, elevated corridor, platforms, special lighting, air-conditioning, fire water installation, complete electrical installation, plasterboard works and decorations and finally painting. The building in which the store is operating was built at the first years of King Othona as the residence of Mr Koniari, in which, later was housed in 1837 the secretariat of Church.