Agricultural Bank Of Greece – Phinikas

ATE2-300x300Agricultural Bank Of Greece – Phinikas – ThessalonikiAgricultural Bank Of Greece – Phinikas – Thessaloniki

Project Description

Agricultural Bank Of Greece – Phinikas – Thessaloniki  

Two storey building with a basement in the Municipality of Pylea, Thessaloniki, in the Phinikas district on Georgiki Scholi (Farm School) Avenue

Construction Works

  • Excavation works, evaluation of the ground bearing through cone penetration tests, soil sanitation of building foundation, embankments, impermeable cesspool, reinforced concrete framework, brickwork filling with heat insulation and interior and exterior marble dust coatings, floor and basement damp-proofing, roof coatings with marble and tiles, external aluminum frames, interior ordinary pressed wooden doors and metal fire-resistant doors, interior plasterboard partition walls, façade paintings and spreadable interior, mineral fiber and plasterboard roof construction, construction of wooden office cabinets and cashiers’ desks, metal staircase railings, platforms.

Electromechanical Works

  • Construction of water supply system and sewerage system, installation of ventilation system and fresh air supply system, air conditioning installation (VRV system), full electrical installation, network communication and computer structured wiring system, installation of fire detection – extinguishing system, alarm system wiring, CCTV, lighting of surrounding area, construction of network for automatic lawn watering.

Surrounding area

  • Construction of sub-base, base, asphalt with gravel and 3Α, asphalt paving, formation of plantation area and ready-grass placing, construction of barbed wire fences and pre-fabricated elements.

Project Details

  • Ground area:3,226.51m²
  • Basement area:151.97m²
  • Ground floor area:130.88m²
  • First floor area:67.95m²
  • Shaping of surrounding area:2,000.00m²
  • Date:June 16, 2015
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