EKO – Budva

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Project Description

EKO A.B.E.E. – Budva
Construction of a liquid gas station

Construction Works

  • Excavations, landfill works, olive-mud collector, fuel tanks, reinforced concrete works, insulation works, earth works, aluminium frames, glass panes, flooring with tiles, paintings, metal and iron constructions, overlaps with panels, iron sheet ceiling, dry construction, Hunder-Duglas facing, sanitary products, signalling.

Surrounding Area

  • Excavation works, landfill works with gravel and 3Α, curbs, concrete road, asphalt paving, paving sett, fencing, connecting road to traffic.

Electromechanical Works

  • Electrical installations, lighting, electrical panels, sewerage and water supply networks, automated systems, auxiliary equipment, lighting of surrounding and node area, fire extinguishing network,
    installation of air-conditioning, compressed air network, foundation grounding.

Project Details

  • Surrounding area:4.077m²
  • Fuel pump sheds:308,50m²
  • Washing bay tunnel:77,57m²
  • Shop:130m²
  • Date:June 10, 2015
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