EKO S.A. Refinery – Thessaloniki


Project Description

EKO Commercial & Industrial S.A. – Refinery- Thessaloniki

Engineering works

Piping networks

  • C102 crushing connection with a line to R106, Cleaning of pipes at refinery junctions, Workon line H2S04, Installation of terminals on the T101 circuit, Installation of vanes, Construction of a condensate network for refinery, Hydrogen feed to the refinery from the caustic substance and chlorine plant, P108 crushing connection with a T-160 intake, C102 crushing connection with a line to C106, Replacement of parts of pipes during general maintenance, Construction of oil substance drainage collectors, Replacement of piping in tanks TK-1041 and TK-1042, Maintenance of catalyst regeneration vanes during general maintenance.

Works on tanks

  • Volumetric analysis of cylindrical tank TK-846, Repair of cracks on container TK- 50, Application of 13 screw bars at the bottom of cells, Opening of tower T- 5, emptying packing, check, filling, Opening and cleaning of containers during general maintenance, Inspection of footings on spherical tanks 816-817.

Iron constructions

  • Lofts for daily storage containers at the PVC factory, railings, aluminum construct.

Various constructions

  • Construction and replacement of parts of air ducts on the lower cell floor, Works on the air-conditioning system of the administration building, Platform for the mercaptan container, Construction of fume exhaust for the chemical lab, Dismantlement of gasoline air bell at the TTL.

General maintenance and repair in the cooling tower

Electrical works

  • Electrical works for gasoline loading, Replacement of electrical pipe supports, Installation of electrical lines, motors, intercom terminal and maintenance of electrical installations at the ETHYL waste area, Tagging of wires between panels.

Project Details

  • Date:June 16, 2015
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