EKO YU – Vranie

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Project Description

EKO YU – Vranie

Overhead Cover, car wash and service, gas house, sales facilities, car wash plateau (self-service), underground tanks and installation channel.

Construction works

Earth works, concrete reinforced works, masonry works, joinery works, steel construction and iron works, metal sheet works, insulation works, ceramic works, painting and decoration works.

Electrical works

Electrical installations NN, telephone installation, PA system installation, lighting conductor installation, exterior lighting.

Mechanical works
Gas station equipment and installation, fire equipment, compressed air installation, construction works.

Heating, ventilation and air- conditioning

Ventilation and air conditioning equipment, heating equipment.

Water piping and sewage

Preliminary works, ground works, concrete and iron works, installation works.

Project Details

  • Surrounding area:5.500m²
  • Buildings:550m²
  • Date:January 18, 2015
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