EKO YU – Prokuplje

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Project Description

EKO YU – Prokuplje
Gas: 120m2
Surrounding: 5.000m2


  • Earthworks, reinforced concrete work, metal construction building and roof covering, EPDM roof, ALUCOBOND panels, floors, ceilings, partitions, paint, roof lining and sales building, glazing.

Surrounding area

  •  Excavation, paving, road construction and concrete beam configuration Highway, installation divider, wastewater treatment plant, construction of pumping station.

Electromechanical Works

  •  Roof coverage and sales building installation, lighting, ambient lighting, sewerage ydrefsis- network, fire network, air conditioning sales space.

Project Details

  • Surrounding area:1.800m²
  • Gas station:120m²
  • Date:January 11, 2015
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