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Diastasi - HlektronikhElectroniki S.A. – ThessalonikiElectroniki S.A. – ThessalonikiElectroniki S.A. – ThessalonikiDiastasi - Hlektronikh

Project Description

Electroniki S.A. – Stavroupolis, Thessaloniki

Store Renovation in Stavroupolis, Thessaloniki

Construction Works
Demolition works and debris removal.
Wall coverings and construction of plaster board dividing walls
Construction of plasterboard false ceilings in a circular shape with a diameter of 7.60 m suspended from the roof with special metal structures.
Placing carpets on the floor.
Construction of a transparent elevator well with metal frame lined with glass triplex 8 +8 mm
Painting of new construction and other areas with new colors that make up the new style of the store.
Construction of an additional metal frame, lining of the facade with cement board, paint of the facade and installation of the new store logos in special metal bases.

Electromechanical works
Dismantlement of the old lighting and installation of new one to old and new false ceilings and to the new constructions suspended from the ceilings.
Construction of new networks of weak and strong currents to support the operation of the store products to their new positions.

Project Details

  • Ground floor:1.350m²
  • Basement area:1.350m²
  • Date:June 22, 2015
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