Georgoulias S. P.L.C. – Kavala

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Project Description

Georgoulias S. P.L.C. – Food Trade Unit – Kavala

Construction of cooling chambers


Cooling chambers
Electrical works for gasoline loading, Preparation works for the construction of floor insulation, Floor insulation – vapor barrier, industrial floor, Thermal insulation panels (150mm thick), cooling chamber doors, PVC air curtain, Construction of chambers using industrial panels, piping networks, insulation, air coolers, lighting.

Industrial cooling system

Cooling room
Two (2) compressors (with corresponding control panels), oil containers, Freon containers, two (2) air-cooled condensers, piping networks, insulation.

Cooling system electrical installations
Cooling – air-conditioning control panel with the use of PLC, Unit control system using a PC and special SCADA software for depicting facility and incoming data (temperature recordings, machinery and sensor operation status, malfunction announcement and recording, alarm and telephonic commands), Grates and cabling for condensers in the cooling room and air coolers in the chambers, Panel for power transfer between Public Power Corporation (DEI) and the generator set.

Project Details

  • Area:350m²
  • Volume:1.400m²
  • Date:June 16, 2015
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