Good Year Hellas Industrial & Commercial S.A.


Project Description

Good Year Hellas Industrial & Commercial S.A. – Industrial Area Of Thessaloniki

Machinist works

  • GUMSTRIPPER KL- ME- 3018, GUMSTRIPPER SPECIAL KL- ME- 3019 and WINDER machines, conveyor belts and wagons.
    Dismantlement, repair and replacement of various machinery parts.

Engineering works

  • Conversion of all factory presses so as to work with nitrogen, connection to networks of steam, high and low pressure compressed air and mold cooling waters, as well as construction of all automations.

High-pressure Crane Bridge, 20m3 water tank and spirals

  • Iron constructions
  • Lofts and machinery bases.

Electrical works

  • Conversion of electric panels of presses, electrical works billed as ordered, telephone network.

Project Details

  • Date:June 21, 2015
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