Greek Bottling Company S.A. – Thessaloniki


Project Description

Greek Bottling Company S.A. (Coca Cola) – Thessaloniki


Engineering works

Piping networks on AMITA line

  • Steam, condensate, fire-extinguishing, soft water, hard water, CO2, lye, bottle washing with accessories, insulation, Steam networks and automation within water treatment.


Condensation tank

Office air conditioning

Machinery constructions

  • Atmospheric air filtering machine, Warm air bellows for bottles at factories in Thessaloniki, Patra, Rhodes and Corfu.


Works on AMITA incubation shelves

Iron constructions

  • Lofts, guardrails on bottle and crate conveyor belts, piping network supports.

Electrical works

  • General electrical works for lighting and transport.

Installation of a new cooling room

  • Installation of a new 200 RT cooler, reconstruction- restoration of four existing coolers (60 RT each), Storage tank, alternators, circulators, vanes, collectors, piping, insulation, General power and automation board, cabling, grates, Iron support constructions, bridge, covered construction.

Project Details

  • Date:June 16, 2015
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