Hellenic Steel – Thessaloniki


Project Description

Engineering works

  • Fire safety piping in propane tanks, replacement of pipe – nozzle sets in the rinse tank, repair of changing room piping, cleaning of part of the TCM oil cellar fire-extinguishing network, dismantlement of radiators, insulation. 

Coil construction

Machine modifications

  • Engineering works in drum, Relocation of steel sheet cutting machine, engineering works on shot- blast complex.

Crane bridge maintenance

Works on the metal frame of the building roof

  • Check and replacement of bolts, cleaning and painting.

Works on fume exhausts

  • Maintenance, repair works and filter repairs on the fume exhaust on the cleaning line, Cleaning of part of the TCM oil cellar fire-extinguishing network.

Filtre construction- maintenance

  • Construction and installation of air filters, Cleaning of cooling fan filter, Filtering- dehumidification system.

Iron constructions

  • Manholes, metal stairs for substations, guardrails, metal doors, iron constructions for installing tackles in the packaging department, installation of tackles in the TCM, construction of Clark cabins.


  • Construction and installation of passivation tank, Removal of mud from distribution tanks.

Electrical works- automations


  • Cleaning and clearing of insulators and the 150KV substation, Maintenance of 10 substations.

Power motoring system

  • Power consumption monitoring system using a PC.

Detection and control systems

  • Automation of the operation of cutting machinery via P.L.C., Error detection system using a PC, New hole detection and steel sheet arrangement system on the electrolyte tinning line, Waste neutralization unit control panel using PLC, Control panel for the current of the rectification adjustment in the ECL sheet cleaning line.

Various electrical works

  • Bar maintenance in the reflow part of the electrolyte tinning line, Improvement of cooling of rectifiers of the electrolyte tinning line, Installation of starting motors and cabling in three coolers of the new furnaces, Repairs on four pairs of electrolyte rods, Modification of socket power supply line routes, Fire safety panels, controllers, 8000A rectification panels.

Project Details

  • Date:June 16, 2015
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