K & N Efthimiadis Industrial S.A.


Project Description

K & N Efthimiadis Industrial S.A. – Agricultural Pharmaceuticals – Thessaloniki Industrial Area

Engineering works

Construction of stainless steel cones for product processing

Assembly of new product processing and packaging unit

  • Transport of machinery, iron support constructions and installation.
    Additional machinery construction.
    Special filter ventilation systems.
    Peripheral machinery lofts, metal staircase for visiting machines with corresponding landings; total height: 9m.

Fire extinguishing system

  • Motor complex (40HP AC motor, 45HP diesel motor) fire-extinguishing network.

Electrical installations

Medium Voltage Substation

  • Transformer, medium voltage cells, power balancer, connection to existing substation, low voltage panels, medium and low voltage cabling.
    200KVA generator sets.
    Fully automated generator sets with all parts, fuel tank, switch power panel with remote control motor for automatic transfer between Public Power Corporation (DEI) and the generator set, electrical installation of generator set- transfer set, grounding triangle.

Project Details

  • Date:June 19, 2015
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