Capsis Hotels – Thessaloniki


Project Description

Capsis – Vardas S.A. – Capsis Hotels – Thessaloniki

Engineering works

Boiler room

  • Hot water boilers, oil tank, softeners, collectors, automation, distributors, vanes, expansion containers, safety features, piping networks, insulation.

Hot water production system using plate alternators

Chemical boiler cleaning

Fire-extinguishing network

  • Motor complex (65 HP AC motor, 80 HP diesel motor), fire-extinguishing network using SPRINKLERS, reconstruction of old fire-extinguishing network with fire hydrants.

Piping networks

  • Central air- conditioning network, reconstruction of hot and cold water networks.

Iron constructions

  • Bases of tanks, boilers, alternators, collectors, network supports.

Electrical works

  • Substation maintenance, boiler room panels and cabling, Fire-detection network.

Project Details

  • Date:June 16, 2015
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