Makro Cash And Carry


Project Description

Makro Cash And Carry


  • Construction of reception area

Construction works

  • Dismantlement, extension of reception area (walls, panels), construction of offices (aluminium constructs), false ceiling, floors, painting, WC renovation.

Electromechanical Works

  • New installation of lighting fixtures, computers, sockets, fire detection, security, telephones, Air conditioning with two 5 R.T. independent units, air curtains.

NON-FOOD Electrical works

  • Shelf lighting (wiring, grates, lamps, panel, removal works, television power supply, HI- FI, antenna- amplifier).

Works billed as ordered

  • Self assembly.



Parallel refrigeration subcontracting works

  • Floor dismantlement, new industrial floors, freezing chamber insulation, loading- unloading ramps, shot peening, placing of cover strips, breakage of curbs- entrance construction, foundation brakes, sewerage pipe leads.

Various plumping works

  • Drains on floors, ramps, waste tank, air duct dismantlement, extension of fire escape, protective stainless steel elements for panels, drainpipe modification, water supply network, air conditioning in tall shelf areas.

Construction of a new ramp and landscaping of surround area

  • Smooth cutting of reinforced concrete, dismantlement of asphalt and floors, removal of plants, earth processing, 3A laying, floor construction, Plumping, waste sewerage, surrounding area drainage with the construction of a gully channel and the installation of grates.



Renovation of customer entrance

  • Dismantlement, creation of new plaster board partitions, installation of false ceilings, aluminum covers, construction of offices, lighting, floor construction.

Renovation of product pickup area

  • Dismantlement, installation of new plaster board partitions (100 x 12meters) with a special support frame, iron construction to support fire curtains, various plaster board works, iron constructions, doors.

Meat pickup area works

  • Dismantlement of existing ramp, reinforced concrete construction, floors, transport of pickup machinery.

Project Details

  • Date:June 19, 2015
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