MediaMarkt – Thessaloniki

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Project Description

MediaMarkt – Western Thessaloniki Store

Construction works for the interior layout and construction of electrical-mechanical installations at the new building on the corner of Alexandroupoleos Street and Kosta Roulia Street – Western Thessaloniki

Construction works:

  • Raised floors, wall to wall carpets, small tiles, walls, panels, separating panels, special separation panels for toilets, painting, fire-resistant doors, false ceilings, timber works.

Mechanical engineering works:

  • Plumbinginstallations – watersupply, sewerage, air-conditioning – airducts, coolingunits, soundtraps, VRVsystem,insulationworks, Pneumatictubes, fire-fighting system (automatic water sprinkler system, automatic total fire-extinguishing system, permanent hydrant fire-fighting system).

Electrical installations:

  • WIELAND system, ΕΙΒ (INSTABUS) system, cabling, grids, LEGRAND channels, distribution board, lighting, safety lights, fire-detection system (addressable), detectors, cabling,telephone network- cabling, Rack, public address system,central amplifier, loud speakers, cabling, access system, cabling, UPSpower generator, door phones.

Project Details

  • Basement:808m²
  • Ground floor – 1st floor – 2nd floor:4,392m²
  • Date:June 22, 2015
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