Megastores Electronica D.O.O. – Belgrade


Project Description

Megastores Electronica D.O.O. – Belgrade

Construction works

  • Floors with tiles, false ceilings, framed structures, iron constructions of dividing walls, brickworks of plaster board, wall and dome-roofed paintings, coatings of buttresses, roof insulations, heated roof sewages.

Surrounding area

  • Sidewalk paving sets.

Electromechanical Works

  • Electrical installations, lighting, water supply-sewerage system, air conditioning, lighting of the surrounding area, fire extinguishing network, fire detect system, installation of air-conditioning, installation of satellite and conventional systems of TV networks TEL-DATA, alarm, Access Control.

Project Details

  • Surrounding area:250m²
  • Store:3250m²
  • Date:January 16, 2015
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