National Bank Of Greece – Thessaloniki


Project Description

National Bank Of Greece – I-Bank – Aristotelous Str. Thessaloniki 

Construction works

  • Internal painting of the entire store, new ceilings out of plasterboard and wood, walls and internal partitions lined with wood and plasterboard, special curved metal constructions lined with plasterboard, ambient lighting placement inside and above special curved metal constructions, walls out of plexiglass for LCD screens placement, WC., construction and placement of light boxes with commercials on them, special metal construction in the entrance of the store with ambient light, special illuminated surface out of plexiglass, projector placement, furniture and offices out of Corian, glazing panes in the façade of the store,  new floors out of wood and vinyl, partitions out of aluminum and glass.

Electromechanical works

  • Electrical installations of weak and strong currents, lighting, water supply- sewerage network, air-conditioning installation, fire detection system, wiring of CCTV alarm.

Project Details

  • Store:264m²
  • Date:June 22, 2015
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