NBG SHOP – Aristotelous (SKG)


Project Description


Repair – Renovation Facades listed building in the center of Thessaloniki

SHOP EIB – Ermou and Aristotelous

Repair of all aspects of the building of the National Bank located on the corner of Ermou and Aristotelous, Thessaloniki. The building consists of a basement, floor and four (4) floors while part of the top is roofed with roof and on the road Aristotle there is a roadside arcade.

  • Repainting of all the face surfaces (surfaces coatings, plaster, molding, crest, decorative elements balconies, etc.) existing colors in accordance with the drawings of the faces.
  • Recolor all external metal frames and metal components of the ground floor facades, basement, mezzanine and the floor in the existing color
  • Maintenance
  • Total restoration of decorative elements of balconies
  • Restoration linear morphological data
  • Coloring sided surfaces with color energy
  • Sided linear architectural lighting
  • Cleaning and polishing of marble facade
  • Total reconstruction 3rd floor balcony

Project Details

  • Date:March 29, 2017
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