North Aegean Sea Canneries S.A. – Kilkis


Project Description

North Aegean Sea Canneries S.A. – Kilkis Industrial Area

Construction of 350m² offices in Kalochori

Construction works

  • Plaster board office partitions, wooden frames, aluminum frames, carpets, blinds, neon sign.

Electromechanical Works

  • Heating and ventilation system using fan coils and an air-cooled cooler, Electrical installations (lighting- sockets- panels), Telephone installations, DATA installations.

Engineering works

Steam system

  • Two 4.000 kgr/hr boilers, softeners, condensate tank, steam collector, steam barriers, steam traps, safety features, automations, LPG network, piping networks, network- tank insulation.

Hot water production system for heating offices

  • 500.000 kcal/hr steam- water alternator, collectors, circulators, vanes, steam barriers, steam traps, thermostatic vane, expansion containers, piping- alternator insulation, steam and condensate piping networks.

Hot water production system for washing the production areas

  • 150.000 kcal/hr hot water boiler, 20ΗΡ twin pumping complex, collectors, vanes, escapement, safety features, piping- boiler insulation, piping networks.

Supply system with cold factory water

  • Motor complex (40HP AC motor, 45HP diesel motor), fire-extinguishing network.

Factory oil supply system

  • PVC oil tanks, oil pump, piping network.

Office cooling system

  • 100RT water-cooled cooler, cooling room, piping network.

Compressed air network

  • Air compressors, cooler, secondary cooler, filters and secondary filters.

Installation of factory machinery

  • Various constructions
    1.500kgr Crane Bridge and rotating 500kgr crane bridge.

Iron constructions

  • Machinery bases and network supports.

Electrical works

Medium voltage substation 800KVA

  • Transformer, medium voltage cells, low voltage general panel, power balancer, medium and low voltage cabling, grounding triangle.

Generator set 500KVA

  • Fully automated generator sets with all parts, fuel tank, switch power panel with remote control motor for automatic transfer between Public Power Corporation (DEI) and the generator set, electrical installation of generator set- transfer set, grounding triangle.

Electrical installation for movement and lighting

  • Cabling for lighting the factory & offices and powering the factory, automations, electrical panels for the power supply and automations of the factory & offices.

Electrical low current installations

  • Fire-detection system for factory and offices, telephone network, DATA network.

Biological treatment electrical installations

  • Electrical installations on biological processing, Reconstruction of biological processing electrical panel.

Project Details

  • Date:June 19, 2015
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