Pepsico Ivi Industrial S.A. – Factories in Marousi, Loutraki, Oinofita, Thessaloniki


Project Description

Pepsico Ivi Industrial S.A.


New plant for the production of plastic water bottles

Plastic water bottle production building: 1000m².
Substation building: 80m².
PVC storage and distribution building: 300m².

Load-bearing structure of a plastic bottle production building and reinforced concrete support.
Load-bearing structure of a PVC storage and distribution building of metal construction.

Construction works

  • Earthworks, foundations, clay brick constructs, plaster works, painting, industrial floor, aluminum frames, metal frame, paneling of metal frame (PVC building), covering of roof with dyed metal sheet (PVC building), drainpipes, heavy- duty metal electrically- operated industrial doors and painting thereof, landscaping of surrounding area, coverage of surrounding area with industrial floor, Metal airlift 20m long and 4m wide connecting the plastic bottle manufacturing plant with the bottling plant.

Electrical- Mechanical installations



High specifications heating and ventilation system for bottling-manufacturing plant

  • Collection- exhaust fans, steam- air heating elements, comprehensive filter for incoming air.
    Steam supply system for heating elements, steam barriers, pressure reducers, thermostatic vanes, steam traps and various parts.
    Full air duct network.

Stainless steel system for washing the manufacturing plant (C.I.P.) – expansion of manufacturing plant

  • Special pump and piping stations, product storage tanks, mixers, lofts with staircase, expansion of piping networks, installation of new machinery.

Boiler room

  • 12.000 kgr/H2 boiler, condensate tank, 20m³ crude oil tank, collectors, steam barriers, steam traps, safety installations and various parts, automations, crude oil and piping network, network- tank insulation.

Fire-extinguishing network

  • Motor complex (75HP AC motor, 80HP diesel motor), fire-extinguishing network.

System for storage, automatic weighing and movement of isoglucose

  • Stainless steel 30m³ tank with heating mantle, staircase and visit loft, manhole and various parts.
    Tank sterilization system using UV radiation, tank ventilation through special filters, recirculation and heating system.
    Weighing machine with 4 load cells and en electronic control system.
    Stainless steel inverter-controlled distribution pump.
    Stainless steel piping network. Insulation of tank- piping.
    PLC automation panel.

Piping Networks

  • 40 and 8 bar compressed air, steam, condensate, water for cooling machinery and expansions of soft, hard water and stainless steel networks.

Electrical works

Medium Voltage Substation 1.000KVA

  • Transformer, medium voltage cells, power balancer, connection to existing substation, low voltage panels, medium and low voltage cabling.

Iron constructions

  • Support and visit loft (with staircase) for ventilation system, air duct supports, network supports (black stainless steel), machinery bases.



Engineering works

High specification ventilation system for bottling plant

  • Adduction- exhaust fans, comprehensive filter for incoming air, electro statically dyed air duct network.

Ventilation and ozone filtering system for bottling chambers

  • Special collection- exhaust fans, stainless steel carbon filter for exhausted air, stainless comprehensive filter for incoming air, stainless air duct network.

Bottle washing machine ventilation system using a funnel, air ducts and fan

Fire-extinguishing network

  • Motor complex (40HP AC motor, 45HP diesel motor), fire-extinguishing network.

Electrical works

  • Lighting of bottling plant and new warehouses, fire detection in plant.


Engineering works

Machine mold cooling system

  • Three water- cooled compressors, 10m³ icebox, pump complexes for transporting cold water, pump complex collectors, piping network. Network and icebox insulation.

Air compressor room

  • Three water-cooled compressors, freezer, secondary freezer and filters, connection of compressors to corresponding pressure controllers, air compressor cooling system and piping.

Piping networks

  • Compressed air, cold water, fire-extinguishing.

Supply system with plastic bottle producing PVC machines

  • 30m³ PVC storage and transport (virgin, reborn), PVC dosage (virgin, reborn), Supply of PVC production machines, Collection of byproducts and transport for rebirth.

Automated air transport system for plastic bottles over a length of 100m

  • Construction and installation of high pressure fans with corresponding nozzles (12 units), PVC piping networks.

Electrical works

Medium Voltage Substation 2.000KVA

  • Two parallel 1000KVA transformers, power factor correction, medium and low voltage cabling, low voltage panels, medium voltage cells, Electrical installations for transport and lighting.



  • Sterilizer water-saving system



Engineering Installations

  • Steam distribution (black piping, insulation with pyrite- magnesium shells, stainless insulation, vanes, valves, pressure reducers, collectors, flues, etc.).
    Steam condensates (black piping, insulation, condensate tank, steam traps, vanes, thermostatic valves, supports, etc.).
    Distilled water (galvanized piping, insulations with expanded polyurethane shells, collectors, valves, sprinkler).
    Soft water (piping, insulation, vanes, electrically-powered valves, reducers).
    Compressed air (galvanized piping, ball valves, cast iron vanes, water traps).
    High-pressure compressed air (carbon steel piping, valves, etc.).
    CO2 network, (black piping, valves, vanes).
    Lye (seamless piping, vanes, lye tank, lye pump).
    Nitrogen network (black piping, seamless piping, vanes, reducers, etc.).
    Glucose/ cooling water system (stainless piping, butterfly vanes, general vanes, thermometers, safety valves, special insulation, 40m³ glucose tank, pumps).
    Cold water system (piping, valves, filters, pumps).

Electrical installations

  • High voltage installations (fluorescent lighting, safety lighting, external lighting, sockets, cabling, plastic channels, cable grates, PVC piping, galvanised piping, electrical panels).
    Low voltage installations (twisted pair cables, plastic channels, cable grates, PVC piping, galvanized piping, telephone distributors, telephone sockets).
    Fire-detection installations (piping, cabling, smoke detectors, differential thermal detectors, buttons, sirens, panels, channels, excavation).
    Medium voltage substation. Two parallel 1.600KVA transformers, medium voltage cells, low voltage panels, medium and low voltage cabling, power balancing.
    External lighting (webs, bases, lighting fixtures, galvanized copper, cabling, panels, excavation, concrete)

Project Details

  • Date:June 19, 2015
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