Production S.A. – Kilkis

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Project Description

Production S.A. – Plastics Production Plant – Kilkis Industrial Area

Engineering works

Boiler room

500.000kcal/hr hot water boiler, oil tank, collectors, circulators, vanes, safety features, piping, insulation.

Air compressed room
Air compressors, cooler, secondary cooler, filters.

Office cooling
50RT Air-cooled cooler, air ducts.

Fire-extinguishing network

Motor complex (50HP AC motor, 60HP diesel motor), fire-extinguishing network.

Cool water cooling system for production machine molds
Two air-cooled coolers, 10m³ storage tank, pumps.

Piping networks
Production area heating (air heaters), office heating (radiators), compressed air, production machine mold cooling.

Iron constructions
Machinery bases and networks supports.

Electrical works

Medium Voltage Substation 2.000KVA

Two 1.000KVA parallel transformers, imaginary power balancer, medium voltage cells, low voltage panels, medium and low voltage cabling.

Electrical installations for movement and lighting
Lighting of factory and offices, power supply cabling in factory and offices, automations, electrical panels.

Low current electrical installations
Fire detection in factory and offices, telephone network, DATA network.

Interconnection of automatic operations of the welding machine (Robot), Installation of automations on production machines.

Iron constructions
Network supports and machinery bases.

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  • Date:June 19, 2015
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