Saramourtsis Sons S.A. – Thessaloniki


Project Description

Saramourtsis Sons Industrial & Commercial S.A. – Poultry Breeding Plant – Neochorouda, Thessaloniki

Boiler room

  • 1000kgr/hr steam boiler, softeners, condensate tank, steam collector, automations, piping networks, LPG network, steam barriers, steam traps, safety features, network- tank insulation.

Fire-extinguishing network

  • Motor complex (40HP AC motor, 45HP diesel motor), fire-extinguishing network.

Installation of rendering complex machinery

Twin 20HP pump complex

Industrial cooling

  • Cooling room and engine room for freezing tunnel using ammonia (compressors, piping, ammonia tank, automations).

Piping networks

  • Steam, factory washing, compressed air, rendering, ammonia, warm water, byproduct transport, network insulation.

Stainless steel iron constructions

  • Product transport system support, Bases for production machines, network supports.

Stainless steel machinery constructions- machinery modifications

  • Auxiliary machinery for poultry slaughterhouses, byproduct storage and transport system for rendering (tank- screws- AC motors- automations), blood tank, plume tank door mechanism.
    Conversion of the plume tank screw movement system.

Installation of factory production machinery in cooperation with Dutch technician

Energy saving system

Cooling chambers

  • Air cooled bases, air coolers.

Project Details

  • Date:June 19, 2015
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