Sprider Stores S.A. – Athens

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Project Description

Sprider Stores S.A. – Athens

Innovation/Renovation/Construction Of Shops


Construction works

  • Clean and take away all rubble and leftovers after the fire, reinforcement of the concrete structure with gunite, redo floors with Dionysos marbles, installation of vandal and bullet proof glass fronts (with certification P7B), certified leaded light at the show-cases of the ground floor, installing around the three lift shafts laminated glass panes with spot supports, metal steel work construction of the lift shafts, INOX hand railings at the staircase, installation of electric rollers shutters, constructions of INOX and glass pyramid at the basement ceiling, roof insulation, construction of an arcade.
  • Automatic sliding doors, elevators, construction and extension of show-cases, construction of dividers, plasterboards works, transportation and install the safe, new plasterboard false ceiling on all floors, two new metal public bridges at first and second level with glass floors, glass side covers with spot support and INOX handrails, painting of the building externally and internally.

Electromechanical works

  • Electrical installations, lighting, new distribution boards, voice-data installation, new alarm system, fire detection and installation of public address system, air-conditioning system, installation of fire suppression system, special LED lighting type RGB spot and linear, lighting with spot lights on rail at special recess at the ceiling.

Project Details

  • Sales area:2.500m²
  • Storage area:150m²
  • Auxiliary area:40m²
  • Date:January 17, 2016
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