Tournavitis Industrial & Commercial S.A. – Kavala


Project Description

Tournavitis Industrial & Commercial S.A. – Fishery Procession and Storage Plant – Kavala

Refrigerator construction works

New fishery processing and storage plant.

Works took place on the existing reinforced concrete plant.

Construction works

  • Protective walls, 50cm tall panels on the perimeter and interior of the building made of lightly reinforced concrete, stucco and resin coating.
    Thermal insulation panels (production building- cooling chambers).
    Industrial floor (antifungal- sanitary curves, self- leveling resin 5mm thick, polyurethane resin).
    Entrance ramps on the ground floor and storey, elevator shaft.
    Full installation of a three-stop hydraulic lift with a lifting capacity of 2.500kgr.
    Construction of a 250m² metal loft, metal construction to cover entrances.
    Construction of ground floor and storey entrances over 100m².
    Industrial splitting entrance doors with doubly reinforced steel sheets, metal doors for auxiliary area entrances.
    Gangways on ground floor and storey entrances.
    Automatic ramps with a lifting capacity of 5 tones on the ground floor and storey entrances.

Industrial cooling- ventilation system for production areas

Cooling room

  • Seven (7) compressors (with corresponding control panels), Freon oil containers, water- cooled condenser, piping networks, insulation.

Cooling chambers

  • Eleven (11) air coolers, piping networks, insulation.


  • Textile air duct network (1.000m²), piping network and insulation.

Electronic control

  • Development of automation for controlling the cooling-air-conditioning system.
    Cooling- air-conditioning control panel with application of PLC, controller for operation parallel to that of the central panel, connection between them.
    Unit control system using a PC and special SCADA software for depicting facility and incoming data (temperature recordings, machinery and sensor operation status, malfunction announcement and recording, alarm and telephonic commands).

Electrical works on cooling system

  • Piping, grates and cabling for the cooling room and air coolers.

Installation of an ice machine

  • Compressor with control panel, condensers, piping network, insulations, electronic control via PLC and SCADA software.

Electrical works

Medium Voltage Substation 400KVA

  • Transformer, medium voltage cells, power balancer, low and medium voltage panels, low and medium voltage cabling and substation ventilation.

Electrical installations for transport and factory lighting

  • Lighting fixtures, power supply cabling, electrical panels

Generator set 200KVA

  • Fully automated generator set with all parts, exhaust, oil tank, switch power panel with remote control motor for automatic transfer between Public Power Corporation (DEI) and the generator set, electrical installation of generator set – transfer set, grounding triangle

Lightning rod

    Earthworks, reinforced concrete works, metal frames, clay brick constructions, plaster works, painting, compressor area modification, compressor support bases.

Project Details

  • Area:3.000m²
  • Cooling chamber area:550m²
  • Total cooling chamber volume:2.090m³
  • Date:June 22, 2015
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