YMCA – Thessaloniki

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Project Description

YMCA – Thessaloniki

Construction of a one-storey bulding for cultural activities

Construction works:

  • Earthworks (excavations, foundation improvements, embankments) concrete and rebar, exterior partitions perforated bricks, plasterboard interior partitions, exterior construction thermal insulation, industrial flooring, wood floorings, KOURASANIT  mortars, plasterboard, wood and absorptive ceilings, FUNDERMACH type prefabricated partitions, exterior aluminum doors, interior wooden doors, wrought iron and glazed, various metal railings and steel and stainless steel fabrications, furniture and wood coatings, waterproofing and insulations, pool construction, interior and exterior paintings, landscaping

Electromechanical works:

  • Complete electrical installations of weak and strong currents, internal and external lightning, fire detection and extinguishing systems, air conditioning, ventilation, fuel gas, alarm system, water supply, drainage, watering system, solar panels and pool  electromechanical equipment.

Project Details

  • Bulding area:1000m²
  • Date:June 22, 2015
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